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Migration Min. Mitarachi meets with UNGA President Kőrösi in New York

Featured Migration Min. Mitarachi meets with UNGA President Kőrösi in New York

Greek Migration & Asylum Minister Notis Mitarachi met with the President of the UN General Assembly, Csaba Kőrösi, in New York on Thursday.

Mitarachi underlined the need for a coordinated humanitarian action aimed at addressing the root causes of migration, and he also said that cracking down on smuggling rings must be pursued as an urgent matter.

The Greek minister also emphasized that Turkey must protect its own borders and provide international protection where necessary, according to International Law. In particular, he said, "it must avoid incidents such as the recent one with the 92 migrants, who were found naked by Frontex and Greek authorities, expelled by the neighboring authorities."

"In respect of International Law, Greece rescues people on land and at sea every day; hosts asylum seekers in decent living conditions; protects unaccompanied minors, and operates integration programs by implementing a strict but fair migration policy," highlighted Mitarachi.

Greece "does not accept attempts to instrumentalize the migrants, as we saw in the recent general assembly by the Turkish president," he underlined.

The overall issue of migration outfluxes must be addressed though international cooperation, effective border protection, and by fighting human trafficking networks, said Mitarachi.