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Merkel: No Haircut

"It is in the interests of Germany to aid Greece, so that the whole of the Eurozone does not destabilize," noted chancellor Angela Merkel in an interview published in the newspaper "Magdeburger Volksstimme", adding that aid is given in return for reforms and austerity.

Agricultural Land Tax

The basic tax for agricultural land has been pegged at 1.5 euros per stremma (1000 square meters) and will vary according to several factors including position, land area, use, according to the new bill being drafted by the Economy Ministry.

New Film Focuses on Athens

A new short film entitled "Alina Hatson" by award winning filmmaker Venetia Evripiotou is slated for release at the end of the month within the framework of the Athens International Film Festival "Premiere Nights".

Tsipras in Moscow this October

All issues of bilateral relations and the broader region were tabled during the meeting, today, between SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras and the president of the Upper Duma of Russia Valentina Matvyenko.