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A new wave of Greek immigrants in NY

Chronos online magazine in its article suggests that a “New Wave of Greeks Flocking to Astoria.” It was recently and with this title that the New York Daily News made widely known a reality that has confronted the neighborhood’s residents for some time now.

Myrto's Fund: Unbridgeable gap between federation and mother

The Massachusetts Attorney General is expected to deal with the case of donations for 17 year old Myrto Papadomichelaki, as the Federation of Hellenic-American Societies of New England decided, during its official board plenum, to seek the Attorney Generals official opinion.

New airline launched by the omogeneia

A new Greek airline has been founded by members of the diaspora is getting ready to begin direct flights from Greek airports to destinations in the USA and Canada, covering the gap left by Olympic in 2009.

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