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"In Memory of Andreas Panagopoulos" Tribute, NYC

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An "In Memory of Andreas Panagopoulos" tribute will take place on Monday, April 7th, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., in New York City.

Terret Entertainment will be hosting the show, in honor of Andreas Panagopoulos, who died in the Harlem explosion last month.

Proceeds of the night will be given to the victim's wife Liseth Perez, who lost her spouse and home. The memorial dedicated to her late husband will take place at Piano's in Manhattan's Lower East Side. Speaking of her partner, Perez states, "He was such a special guy. Everybody knows that if you met Andreas, you would remember him...And once you met him, you would love him. I loved him so much, he was my first and only boyfriend in NYC".

Steven of My Excuse and Ada Pasternak will be playing unplugged sets honoring their close friend. Musician Panagopoulos was a regular attendee at their New York City performances and mentored both artists. He was known among his peers as the "guitar god". Andreas Panagopoulos originated from Kalamata and was buried in his homeland. Friends and family describe the  "In Memory of Andreas Panagopoulos" event as an appropriate tribute for the musically gifted man.