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Dog Chases Bronx Train to Harlem

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A shepherd-collie mix chased a Metro-North train from the South Bronx to Harlem, while the conductor safely slowed the train down to avoid striking the female dog.

According to the New York Post, Engineer Joseph Delia described the dog, who galloped alongside the train on a parallel track, "...like she didn't have a care in the world". Eventually the canine went ahead of the train which had to go extremely slow, to avoid slamming into her.

Passengers were informed of the incident as it occurred, and watched from the train's windows. The unidentified dog began her voyage at 149th street in the Bronx and followed the train for approximately 1.5 miles, to Harlem's 125th Street. There, MTA officers rescued her after whistling and calling her. Riders cheered at the final result.

Officer Alvarez commented, "There was a lot of commuters and they were actually clapping and very glad...There must've been a lot of animal lovers out there, like myself". Officers named the dog "Tie", after the railroad ties she covered. Tie has no identification tags or Microchip and is now being looked after by Animal Care and Control. Animal Care and Control hope her owners come for her, otherwise she will be placed for adoption by Friday afternoon.