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Greek Canadian honored as Righteous Among Nations

The late Angelo Chalikias, a Greek Montrealer who went to extraordinary personal lengths to save the life of Niso Moustaki, a young Jewish man he barely knew, was honored, posthumously through his who were bestowed with Yad Vashem’s Righteous Among the Nations medal and certificate at a special ceremony at Montreal city hall.

A new wave of Greek immigrants in NY

Chronos online magazine in its article suggests that a “New Wave of Greeks Flocking to Astoria.” It was recently and with this title that the New York Daily News made widely known a reality that has confronted the neighborhood’s residents for some time now.

Myrto's Fund: Unbridgeable gap between federation and mother

The Massachusetts Attorney General is expected to deal with the case of donations for 17 year old Myrto Papadomichelaki, as the Federation of Hellenic-American Societies of New England decided, during its official board plenum, to seek the Attorney Generals official opinion.

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