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Athina Onassis Represents Greece at Longines Global Champions Tour

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Athina Onassis de Miranda is representing Greece in the Longines Global Champions Tour, that is taking place in London.

The Tour involves the Top 30 ranked riders worldwide, to compete in 14 events across 12 nations, for prizes worth approximately 9 million euros. The three-day horseback riding competition is being held at the Horse Guards Parade, where the professional Greek-French equestrian competes against Jessica Springsteen and Sofia Abramovich, in the August portion of the Tour.

The 29-year-old granddaughter of Aristotle Onassis is also serving as the patroness of the Tour. She began riding horses as a teenager and represented Greece during last year's European Championships.  

Onassis de Miranda is the only surviving descendant of shipping tycoon Onassis, and has been married to fellow equestrian champ Alvaro de Miranda Neto since 2003.

In recent years, Onassis de Miranda has expressed her interest in renewing her Hellenic passport and learning the Greek language. In equestrian competitions, Athina Onassis de Miranda has switched her national affiliation to Greece from France.