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Greek-Australian Tennis Pro Thanasi Kokkinakis Prepares for Australian Open

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Greek-Australian tennis pro Thanasi Kokkinakis is set to score at his second Australian Open competition.

Kokkinakis stated, "I was fortunate enough to get a wild card last year and I feel I've improved a lot, so hopefully I can go a bit further this year," to Greek-Australian news portal Neos Kosmos. The eighteen-year-old athlete is currently ranked 149th in the ATP global grades.

Kokkinakis' goal is to make the top 100 in the Australian Open, "That's not easy, but I feel that I've got the game to compete with the top one hundred players ... I feel I can do it...There's a bit more pressure than last year but I've got to trust the work I did in the off-season, so I should be right."

When queried over the wide attention by media, the player commented, "You just have to make sure you're dedicated on and off the court, put in all the focus every session, and be as well prepared as you can..."You have to chill out, not get too distracted by social media, and have a good time."

(Source: Neos Kosmos)