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Rick Pitino on course to staying at PAO

Featured Rick Pitino on course to staying at PAO

Rick Pitino in an interview to ESPN gave further indications that he might be renewing his contract with Panathinaikos for one more season while clarifying that he would not be returning to the NCAA.

“I think I’m not interested in college basketball anymore. I have to be realistic. I like to train, I want to win, I want to win another championship. But I’m realistic. I have not regretted anything. I’ve done things, recent achievements. I always have something in my head. 80% of people are indifferent to the problems they have and 20% are happy to have them. I think, as much as I love college basketball, I’m done with it”, Pitino said.

He also criticised the attitude of Olympiakos and coach David Blatt: “There are nets in the stadium. I saw unbelievable things at the Olympiakos home, and a few days later they came to a cup match at our own stadium, we were 15 points up at half-time, but they never appeared in the second half. I asked the officials to see why this happened and they told me they had complaints from the referees. These things are not serious and to think that Olympiacos was coached by David Blatt, who also coached in the NBA the Cleveland Cavaliers.”