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Kilada Hills resort to operate first Jack Nicklaus-signed golf course in Greece

Featured Kilada Hills resort to operate first Jack Nicklaus-signed golf course in Greece

A golf course in the Kilada Hills resort in Ermioni will operate in two years, while the 400-million-euros investment will operate gradually creating 600 job positions. The investment project by Dolphin Capital will cover an area of 2,026 stremma (one stremma=1,000 sq.m.).

The building license of the project was signed on Friday. It is the first Strategic Investment in the tourism sector in Greece which achieves a full licensing maturity. Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiakis said a new regulatory framework on building licenses for strategic investments will be issued by his ministry and noted that the investment was blocked for several years. Georgiadis said the investment was unblocked in just three months and noted that the ministry will monitor every step of the investment, adding there was cooperation with the Culture ministry to safeguard the protection of the country's cultural heritage.

Miltos Kambouridis, founder and CEO in Dolphin Capital, said the project will be implemented in two phases. The first, with the development of the first golf course in Greece signed by Jack Nicklaus, covering an area of 869 stremma, along with luxury resort homes, a Beach Club and a modern Golf Club for its members. The second phase envisages the development of a five-start hotel designed by the famous architect Jean-Michel Gathy, along with sport and leisure facilities and luxury resort homes. Dolphin Capital is already invested more than 80 million euros for the purchase, designing and licensing of the project.