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Olympic Games: Antetokounmpo and Drisbioti flag bearers at the opening ceremony

Featured Olympic Games: Antetokounmpo and Drisbioti flag bearers at the opening ceremony

The Hellenic Olympic Committee announced that Giannis Antetokounmpo and Antigoni Drisbioti will be the two people who will be the first to march in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games as Greece's flag bearers.

Although there were rumors that Maria Sakkari would be on the Greek Freak's side, the EOE, during an event, announced that Drisbioti will be the one to march first on the Seine.

 According to the HOC, a vote was held for the women among 4, after Stefanidi's refusal for personal reasons, with Sakkari, Drisbioti, Platanioti and Margarita Plevritou entering the vote. In the end, Drisbioti's name prevailed (according to sources, she got 16 votes against Sakkari's 8), making it... a reversal as it was considered almost certain that Sakkari will be next to Yannis.

Kapralos: "There was a big discussion about whether we will have one or two flag bearers"
The president of the IOC, Spyros Kapralos, revealed that there were thoughts of only Antetokounmpo being the flag bearer, however it was decided to follow the line of the IOC with two flag bearers, one man and one woman."

"From the beginning, together with the Head of Mission, Mr. Petros Synadinos, we proposed that there be two of our Flag Bearers at the Olympic Games. There was a great debate whether it should be one or two and finally the International Olympic Committee's mandate of two Flag Bearers was followed, following the spirit of the times and respecting the effort for gender equality. In Giannis there was unanimity, but in the girls, a vote was taken between particularly worthy champions who have honored Greece, as the democratic process dictates. Finally Antigone was chosen and I want to congratulate both her and Giannis for their final selection. I am sure that they will lift our country high. Also congratulations to the three other female champions who took part in the voting."

The announcement of the HOC
The Plenary Session of the Hellenic Olympic Committee decided that Giannis Antetokounmpo and Antigone Drisbioti will be Flag Bearers for Greece at the Opening Ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The decision for Antetokounmpo was unanimous, while the walking champion was chosen after a vote among four athletes, Maria Sakkari, Antigonis Drisbiotis, Evangelia Plataniotis and Margaritas Pleuritou.

The Hellenic Olympic Committee, following the protocol for the selection of the Standard Bearer, came before the meeting in contact with Olympic medalists. However, both Miltos Tedoglou and Katerina Stefanidis asked not to be Flag Bearers, so as not to change the program of the preparation in view of the participation in the Olympic Games.

Also, the schedule of the sportsmen and women competing the next day was taken into account, in order not to suffer before their matches.

The Plenary also unanimously decided to nominate Mr. Spyros Kapralos for President of the European Olympic Committees, claiming for the second time the renewal of his term.