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Attica governor Hardalias visiting Toronto

Attica local governor of Attica, Nikos Hardalias, is visiting Toronto for the large international innovation exhibition "Collision Tech Conference", in which the Attica Region participates with its own stand, together with the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Athens and the Hellenic Investment and Enterprise Greece.

Bear cub trapped in hotel's courtyard freed and pushed back to the mountain

A bear cub, approximately six months old, was freed this morning from a hotel forecourt by Kastoria Forest Service, in collaboration with the environmental organisation "Kallisto". The cub lost its orientation and got trapped in the courtyard of the hotel. The residents notified the Kastoria Forest Service, whose officials were immediately on the scene, together with "Kallisto" officials, as part of the operation of the Immediate Intervention Team.

A few hours earlier, passing citizens had seen the six-month-old bear with its mother in the forest. So it was decided that the little bear should be freed and pushed back to the mountain to be reunited with its mother, who was in the area. It is recalled that during this period, mother bears with their cubs are quite likely to appear near areas with human activity, as they are looking for food in fruit trees. Mother bears are overprotective of their cubs. For this reason, in case we come across a small bear alone, we do not approach it, as it is very likely that its mother is nearby and feels threatened by the human presence.