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Astra Airlines on the rocks?

Featured Astra Airlines on the rocks?

As everything shows, the Thessaloniki-based Astra Airlines has embarked on great misadventures.

Early reports of serious problems with the company leaked after Astra Airlines' flight cancellations last Saturday (November 9th). Astra Airlines has issued a simple announcement of cancellations, avoiding, with discretion, any reference to the reasons that led to this situation.

Critical announcements from Astra Airlines
According to the newspaper "Macedonia", probably today, Wednesday, the management of Astra Airlines will make official announcements about the future of the company, which in recent days, essentially has not been operational.

It is worth noting that Astra Airlines headquarters at Macedonia Airport are closed, and at its call center - after the recorded message - no one responds, and its website no longer has the option of booking a flight for any destination.

According to the same report, the owner of Astra Airlines is said to be in search of investors - financiers that will meet the immediate needs of the company.