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More Israeli tourists flock to Greece

Featured More Israeli tourists flock to Greece

"The number of Israeli tourists is growing dramatically every year"

"It is possible to further increase this number through the emergence of new destinations, tourism experience and high incomes." With these words - speaking to i24news, one of Israel's largest television networks - Minister of Tourism Haris Theocharis concluded his presence at the 26th IMTM 2020 International Tourism Fair, held in Tel Aviv.

"Nearly 1m, Israeli tourists vacation in Greece"
During the inauguration of the Fair, the Greek minister met with Israeli Tourism Minister Yariv Levin, where they agreed on the need to tighten relations between the two countries in the field of tourism.

During his two-day visit to Israel, Mr. Theocharis held meetings with the country's tourism agencies. As he said, "almost a million Israelis went on holiday in our country this year. Our aim is to attract even more tourists, as well as to strengthen relations between the two countries. Israel is a rising power in the tourist inflows in our country and the Israelis love Greece and want to invest in it. "

Meeting of the Minister of Tourism with the Patriarch of Jerusalem
The Minister of Tourism went to Jerusalem, where he had a meeting with the Patriarch of Jerusalem, Theophilos III. During the meeting they discussed the interest of the Israelis in closer cooperation on tourism issues, the issue of pilgrimage tourism, the work of the Patriarchate, as well as the Patriarchate's very important efforts to preserve and promote the holy sites.

Mr Theocharis then laid a wreath at the Holocaust memorial site, Yad Vasem, where he emphasized that "the flame of historical memory is and will remain untamed and we owe it to humanity to never allow such a tragedy to happen again."

The Minister of Tourism also visited the High-Tech Park Bayside Negev Innovation Park, a landmark park for innovation and start-ups. Specifically, he went to the Cyber ​​Security Emergency Response Center, where he toured the premises and was briefed on electronic security issues for citizens and businesses.