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Lipsoi: "No" to deckchairs, visit nature

Featured Lipsoi: "No" to deckchairs, visit nature

The call of the municipality of Lipsoi for the summer of 2022 is adapted to the new circumstances of the time, as it is emphasized in a relevant announcement.

The municipality together with the professionals insist on an authentic way to vacation with ecological consciousness without unnecessary luxuries and saying "no" to deckchairs on the beaches, while through beautiful videos they urge the travelers to enjoy the amenities that nature generously offers.

In the same vein, Lipsoi is ideal for exploring without a car but also for holidays on "private" islands with natural "pools", instead of luxury resorts.

In fact, after two years of confinement and pandemic, the municipality invites travelers in the know of the destination to put aside technology for a while and live on the island of Calypso, accompanied by a book.

"In Lipsoi we apply a novel approach for Greece and Europe. Remove the excess and keep the substance. We actively support the replacement of plastics, the "abolition" of deckchairs and the avoidance of using the car due to our short distances. In Lipsoi, you feel… complete, as our call says this year ", says the mayor of Lipsoi, Fotis Maggos.