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Tourism: Greece "honored country" in Oslo

Featured Tourism: Greece "honored country" in Oslo

Greece was the honored guest at the first, post-pandemic, international tourism exhibition REISELIVSMESSEN 2023, held in Oslo, Norway (6-8/01/2023).

The Hellenic Tourism Organization (EOT) participated with a 15 sq.m. stand with the Region of Crete-Regional Unit of Chania, the Region of Central Macedonia/Halkidiki and with hotel representatives from Kos and Rhodes, as co-exhibitors .

The exhibition was held at the Clarion the Hub hotel, in the "heart" of the Norwegian capital, in a room of 900 sq.m. for B2B meetings on 6/1/2023 and open to the public from 7 to 8 January 2022. 140 exhibitors from all over the world participated, including tourist offices and representatives of state tourism organizations, mainly from countries outside Europe.

The Norwegian market is considered a mature and stable market for Greece. From 2016 to the end of October 2019, it has shown an average increase of 5% (393,286 people in 2016 and 402,547 people in 2019), while in 2022, up to the month of September, 139,320 Norwegians visited Greece.

As stated in a related announcement, the estimates for 2023 are positive, while an increase in arrivals is expected, due to the direct flights of the low-cost airline Flyr Airlines, with flights to Athens and Thessaloniki, but also due to the prospect of the growth of new Greek destinations.

On the day of the B2B meetings, a buffet was served by EOT to the 200 attendees, while the EOT booth was specially placed in the meeting area, while, at the same time, there was also a program with Greek music. The professionals were welcomed by Reiselivsmessen CEO Ms. Kristin Nydahl Øhrn, as well as the head of the EOT Service Scandinavia, Mr. Pavlos Murmas. The event was also attended by the Ambassador of Greece to Norway, Ms. Anna Korka, who spoke with the attendees, as well as our co-exhibitors.

The head of the EOT Scandinavia Service, Mr. Pavlos Mourmas and the deputy head, Ms. Maria Zevgoula, held meetings at the booth with several representatives of tourist agencies, including MIXX TRAVEL (program for Crete, Rhodes), as well as with OLIVEN REISER, who expressed interest in creating alternative tourism programs in Greece (Cycling, Hiking, etc.).

Meetings were also held with representatives of major Norwegian tourism magazines such as REIS and REISELYST.

The visitors, who, according to the organizers, exceeded 13,300 people, showed a special interest in Greece and, in particular, in the hinterland and in lesser-known destinations, which combine the natural environment, as well as access to the sea, while there was also a large interest in traveling to destinations accessible by train.