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Brit singer Lilly Allen loves Greece [pics]

Featured Brit singer Lilly Allen loves Greece [pics]

British singer Lily Allen gave her fans a glimpse of her carefree and relaxed family holiday in Greece.

The 39-year-old singer appears to be in Greece with her two daughters, 11-year-old Marni and 12-year-old Ethel, whom she has previously "accused" of ruining her career, and wanted to share some photos with her online friends.

 lilly Allen1

 Lily Allen's album of memories from her holiday in Greece
In snaps from her summer vacation, Lily Allen shows her daughters getting ready to go into the sea or dive off a boat. In other photos, the singer herself poses on the beach in clothes, showing off her legs, as well as a selfie in a blue bikini.

lilly Allen2

 lilly Allen3


 lilly Allen4

Another shows Lily Allen swimming in a cave with sea glasses on her forehead, while another shows the lamb with potatoes she is enjoying, as she wrote.

lilly Allen5


“It gives you a Mamma Mia feel. I love Greece" Lily Allen wrote in the caption of her memories of Greece.