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New York City Marathon kicked off

Translation By Lisa Darilis

After a year hiatus due to a Hurricane Sandy, the New York City marathon kicked off at around 9 a.m. Sunday.

This year's marathon has two big stipulations. The first is that , as it was just mentioned, it has finally returned after last year's suspension due to the hurricane, and the second is that is will have the strictest security measures since the September 11 attacks, due to the unfortunate event that occurred at the Boston Marathon.

All of this ,of course, is taking place today. On Saturday, the official general practice "Dash to the Finish Line" was held and the marathon runners had a chance to run in a far more calmer atmosphere, away from publicity and the crowds. 

According to the forecast, this year's New York City Marathon will have 47,000 runners. Around 5,000 of them are running for a philanthropic cause, opposite of the preset 8000, and about 3,000 of them aren't sponsored.

See the video from the general practice on New Greek T.V. or on www.newgreektv.com.