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WTC Skydiver's Arrest Comments

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32-year-old James Brady spoke to The New York Post about his One World Trade Center, illegal skydiving experience.

The extreme jumper claimed, "No, I wouldn't do it again...It's amazing...If you could take the realest, happiest moment of your life and relive it, that's what it's like".

Last week, Brady was charged with burglary, reckless endangerment and trespassing. The former WTC construction employee had worked on the site for almost five years. He set up a 104th floor beam signed by President Barack Obama. For many years, the skydiver couldn't stop dreaming about leaping off the tower. As he stated to The New York Post, "I'm working on this building. What do I want to do? I want to jump off...Working on heights and dealing with fear — I thrive on those things".

The accomplished daredevil has skydived more than 700 times. Last September 30th, along with two others, he snuck by security guards to arrive at the top of the site. Brady's debacle was the first of many trespassing occurrences at One World Trade Center, in recent months. The jumper dismissed the reckless-endangerment charges he is faced with: "If there was any risk taken, it was my own risk and no one else's...There was nobody on the street. Nobody on the sidewalk. I can control [the parachute] to exactly where I want to land".