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Shots Fired at the US Capital

Translation By Lisa Darilis

A blockade was put into effect earlier today at the nationʼs capital after shots were fired and marked the outside area of the building. A female suspect, who crashed her car onto the wall of the White House, was shot dead.

According to earlier reports, the incident began when a car, which was believed at the time to contain a woman and a child passenger, crashed into the Northeastern gate wall of the White House on 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. Immediately after the crash, it became suspicious that it was intentional, as the female driver ran out of the car towards the side of the Capital building and as gun shots were shortly heard afterwards. According to reports by CBS, the female suspect was shot by an unidentified agent and was killed.

Employees and whatever public citizens were present at the Capital during this time were put into “lockdown,” and could not leave until the police gave them permission to do so. In the meantime, crowds of people gathered outside the gates, trying to see what was going on.

As it has been reported, one officer was injured on the scene, but it has not been released whether this injury was inflicted by a bullet, or even if this bullet came from the female suspectʼs weapon.

We are awaiting for the release of more updates on this incident.