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Stalin is alive and well within the Greek Communist Party: No to NATO, the EU, and the US, commemoration of communist dead in the Civil War

Featured Stalin is alive and well within the Greek Communist Party: No to NATO, the EU, and the US, commemoration of communist dead in the Civil War

Greek Communist Party (KKE) Central Committee chief Dimitris Koutsoubas laid criticism on the government over the omnibus bill, during his speech last night at a party event in Kozani, northern Greece.

The KKE secretary general accused ruling New Democracy party that under the provisions of the new bill the government is kowtowing to large capital so that it can invest wherever it wants and under whatever conditions it wants in order to trim wages and freeze trade union rights.

The secretary of the KKE made a lengthy reference to the government's initiatives, the trade union movement and the workers' unions. He spoke of "a new form of repression of the labor/trade union movement, with the state's intervention in the life and decisions of trade unions". 

"The government and the employers want to control the unions, to know at any time and moment, who is a member of the union if they have fiery attitudes, as they will know if they participate in rallies, strikes, and so on. ». Dimitris Koutsoumpas found that "...they want the Ministry of Labor to have a trade union register as if it were an annex to Security. If all this is not a repression of trade unionism, a file of sentiments, of unions, then what is it? "

On the subject of a strike by electronic vote, he pointed out that this is nothing more than "trying to cut employees' bonds with one another, dashing their right to be informed, to discuss collectively and jointly on deciding to organize their strikes".

On foreign policy issues, and in particular on the Prespa Agreement, the KKE SG underlined that the developments confirm the KKE's position that "the agreement was made prematurely, only so the neighboring country, and all the countries of the Western Balkans join NATO and then to the EU. " He noted that the US and Germany want to "step up their presence even further in the region at both military and political level at the expense of other competitors, such as Russia."

Koutsoubas called for the "Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement" with the US to be denounced, for the closure of the Souda base and other military bases, and for "the country's armed forces not to participate in imperialist missions abroad. "Greece's overall involvement in Euro-Atlantic planning is increasing the risks for the country, for our people," concluded Mr. Koutsoubas.

On the refugee issue, he said that "all unacceptable hot spots in the islands and the Evros must be closed, refugees and migrants should be transferred to decent hostels operating under state responsibility." All family reunions should be carried out without delay so that there is no homeless and unprotected minor in shelter centers. " He also demanded that all services, camps and structures dealing with refugees be staffed, that permanent employment relationships be establishment and that employees be paid.

Concluding his speech, he called on party members and friends to join the political battle to "erect a firewall for popular housing, against auctions that will take the form of an avalanche next year, to restore sectoral collective agreements for all workers, to abolish all anti-social welfare laws, and to put a brake on the new insurance legislation prepared by the government that turns insurance into an individual issue. "

Earlier, KKE Secretary General Dimitris Koutsoubas as part of his two-day tour of western Macedonia met with Florina Mayor Vassilis Yiannakis, discussing issues such as heating, the Florina-Ptolemais vertical axis, the city's rail link with Thessaloniki, and issues related to the future of the PPC.

The Communist Party Chief then laid a wreath at the Memorial - a mass grave of DSE fighters interred during the civil war (when his party attempted to violently seize power from the democratically elected government, a struggle that began when Greece was still under occupation and cost tens of thousands of lives) and then attended the inauguration of the new party offices.

It must be noted that when the official state  or veterans celebrate Hellenic Army soldiers killed in the Civil War, participants are readily labelled "fascists"

Earlier in the week, Koutsoubas had accepted portraits of Lenin and Stalin gifted to the party by a Polytechnic professor.


source: defence-point.com