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Hypocricy: Yanis Varoufakis calls for the boycott of Amazon on Black Friday! (vid)

The secretary of MERA25 (Diem25), Giannis Varoufakis, calls for a one-day boycott of Amazon on Black Friday with his internet message.

Varoufakis decries Amazon's influence and its handling of workers through a video he uploaded to youtube.com, in which he calls for the one-day boycott. Although it's hard to see how this will affect Amazon, Mr Varoufakis insists that Amazon boss billionaire Jeff Bezos will get the message.

But whether you agree with Mr. Varoufakis, or not, he does not, however, explain why Amazon is one of the main distributors of his books. Mr Varoufakis does not boycott Amazon by refusing to have his books bring retailed by the corporation he is attacking.

GNTO chief Gerekou: Our aim is sustainable tourism growth

Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) President Angela Gerekou, in an address late on Thursday to the 100th general assembly of the European Travel Commission held via teleconference, said that in order to go forward it was necessary to first take a step back and assess what has happened in the last decade. Afterward, she added, there must be an analysis of the current conditions and the planning and implementation of policies for "the kind of tourism we want to have in the coming years."