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Disappearance of Americans in Methoni: The couple's car was found in Taygetos

The car of the American couple, who has been missing in Methoni since January 23, seems to have been found in the "Five roads" area in Taygetos.

In particular, according to information from best-tv.gr, the competent authorities are already rushing to the scene in order to establish whether the vehicle is abandoned or whether the missing persons are inside it.

The elderly couple David and Lucretia Robinson have not given signs of life since January 23, and a whole mechanism has been mobilized to search for them.

Thriller with the disappearance of the couple in Methoni

It is recalled that 83-year-old David Harrison Robinson and his 80-year-old wife, Lukreti Robinson, left their home on January 23, with information stating that they were headed for Monemvasia, Laconia. Since then, their traces have been ignored. Their daughter appears certain that they have ended their lives, while their nephew wrote their obituary on Facebook.

However, according to what has become known in the last few hours, the Lifeline, which issued a Silver Alert to locate them, has testimonies from people who claim to have seen them walking in the main streets of Kalamata and Elefsina. Authorities and volunteers are trying to cross-reference this information.

The "strange" posts of the couple's daughter

The couple's daughter from the US has posted on Facebook saying her parents are officially missing. However, she knows that they wanted to end their lives. At the same time, a relative of the couple wrote their obituary on his post.

“As of today, my parents are officially missing and presumed dead by their own will (details not available as they were very private people). They were in Greece when it happened - I don't know where they went to end their lives, so until their bodies are found I need the help of my community to stay functional. While I wait, I want NO FLATTERY OR PITY! I NEED to hear good things from your lives, and lots of pictures of pets. All pet photos. I'm preparing for a mental and emotional breakdown when we find them and get the massive amount of red tape in two countries out of the way, but until then I have to stay focused. Life sucks, give me pictures of pets to keep me going,” the daughter of the two seniors wrote in her first post.

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