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Tri-State Area's Severe Weather Causes Damage

Translation By Lisa Darilis

Serious damage was caused by Monday's severe weather, which hit the Tri-State area beginning in the afternoon hours. Although the tornado warnings did not come into realization, the heavy rains and strong winds were enough to cause damages and injuries on central roadways, although not all accidents have been completely reported yet.

Long Island Store Clerk Chases Robber with a Machette (Video)

Translation By Lisa Darilis

A Long Island mini-market store clerk in Brentwood, Suffolk County, was held at gunpoint by a robber, but he did not lose his cool. He took out his machete and he chased the robber with acute accuracy! For the store clerk, who played a game of "heads or tails" with his life at stake, the reasoning behind this was justice.

New Yorkers who just say "no" to cellphones

Translation By Lisa Darilis

9% of Americans choose not to use a cell phone, less than 5% of whom belong within the age bracket of 18-29 years old. This is evidence that supports recent publicized studies on the profile of people who "make do" with using telephones connected via a land line.

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