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Cyprus Airways Chairman Antoniou Steps Down

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Former Chairman of Cyprus Airways Board of Directors Tony Antoniou claimed that he has resigned with his integrity and ethics in tact, after shooting down claims that he had misused company funds.

Antoniou offered the following statement to CNA, regarding his departure.

"Following a telephone briefing I had from the President of the Republic, after the anonymous claims against me, and the conclusions of the report in connection with these claims, it has become crystal clear that no fraud has been proven, not even intent to appropriate even one euro from the company".

Antoniou added that after abiding by austerity protocols, Cyprus Airways is, "alive and active with own capital, without any state aid and with liquidity which allows it to survive in 2015...I cannot allow even the slightest hint of doubt against my integrity, my respectability and my character, and I have therefore submitted my resignation".