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Cypriot MPs Sent Alarming Letters Concerning Foreclosure Bill

Two Cypriot MPs were sent alarming letters, threatening them over the foreclosure bill that the government is currently discussing.

As reported by Cyprus News Agency, the police force is conducting an investigation as to where the letters came from. The Cypriot government wants the concerned bill to pass by the end of the week, so it can receive its next financial bailout.

The letter coined "Last Warning" by the "The Armed Group for Justice" has been released by Sigmalive, while the police force has begun a forensic examination on the documents to find DNA specimens. It has been reported that the letters claim if the foreclosure bill is passed, they will be forced to kill.

The threatening letters state, "We are not terrorists and killers, but if needed, we will to defend our property and our children's future to the bitter end...For us the houses that we have built with so much labour are sacred and inviolable. Never will we pay for your mistakes and the feast of bankers. Any member of a party that votes in favor or abstains from the vote on foreclosures will pay the price".

The chilling documents also adds "Every politician or banker, wherever they go should be accompanied by a whole army 24 hours a day. You will not know where to hide ... everyone has a family ... we will wait for the right moment, because somewhere someone will make a mistake".