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UNSG Ban Ki-Moon Voices Cypriot Solution Significance

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United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has stated the significance of finding a lasting solution for Cyprus, that is mutually beneficial to both sides.

The UNSG confirmed that this is one of the international organization's top priorities. Following a meeting with the UNSG Special Advisor on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide, a penned statement read, "in these times of great turmoil in the region, it is more important than ever to reach a lasting settlement in Cyprus for the benefit of all Cypriots. The long-overdue solution to the Cyprus problem constitutes a strategic priority for the United Nations and the international community".

The statement added that the UNSG: "strongly hopes that the important gains achieved to date will be preserved as the sides move decisively towards structured and results-oriented negotiations, as called for in the Declaration".

The statement adds, "Eide's appointment illustrated the United Nations determination to continue supporting the parties to arrive at concrete results in the coming phase". The UNSG confirmed that Eide has been positioned in his new role at a critical time regarding the process of a Cypriot solution.