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Large Anti-Austerity Protest Held in Nicosia, Cyprus

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An anti-austerity protest was held in Nicosia, Cyprus yesterday, where thousands of activists participated.

The large rally took place in front of the Filoxenia conference center, which is the location for the European Central Bank's (ECB) council meeting today. The anti-austerity efforts were orchestrated by Trade Unions and Civil Organizations Platform "The society reacts and demands".  

A variety of trade unions and groups pledged their contempt at austerity measures, along with European trade unions and civil organizations representatives.

Objectors shouted remarks concerning the end of austerity and troika mandates on the island. Signs were displayed that said phrases such as, "Save the People," "Enough," and "Citizens Against Corruption."

Various political party delegates also attended the rally. The economy of Cyprus was hit with a recession in 2011, which suffered even more financial hardships and was threatened with a complete downfall in March of 2013.

(Source: Parikiaki)