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Apple Offers Greeks Free iCloud Storage

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Apple has announced that is it offering Greek iCloud users free storage for 30 days, after the nation administered capital controls, as reported by 9to5Mac.

On June 29th, Greece capped its daily cash withdrawals to €60 and halted global payments. This blocked the usage of paid internet services, that include iTunes, app stores and cloud storage.

During the launch of the capital controls, various Greek iCloud customers received an email from Apple that since the corporation couldn't collect payments, their iCloud account would be demoted to the 5GB free program, according to Bloomberg.

Currently, subscribed Greek patrons have one month of free iCloud storage usage. However, after the thirty day period has expired, paid storage plans may be at risk.

Other major internet companies are allowing Greeks a grace period during their financial turmoils. As reported by Tech.eu, Google has granted an extension time period until August 1st for Greeks, while other major companies including Amazon and GoDaddy are offering leniencies as well.