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British Sovereign Base Employees On Cyprus Hold Strike

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Cypriots who currently work for the British Sovereign Bases have enacted a five day strike this week, due to pay decreases that began September 1st.

The work halt began yesterday, where employees protested outside the Akrotiri military bases. Union employee delegate Christos Tziapouras stated to the media and reported by Parikiaki, "The employer side cannot take unilateral decisions and halt existing agreements so they (the British employees) can get pay rises because they managed to save Great Britain money."

The Cypriot protestors plan to stand outside Nicosia's British High Commission this Thursday, and will give their petition to the High Commissioner. The incensed workers have also called for President Nicos Anastasiades to table the issue next week, when he meets with British Prime Minister David Cameron. Approximately 1.3 million euros in total wages have been cut.