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Cyprus - US cooperation in the field of security

For the first time Nicosia and Washington are proceeding with a specific definition of their framework for cooperation on security matters.

This is the result of the meetings of Cypriot Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides with his American counterpart Mike Pompeo, Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Wes Mitchell and Deputy Foreign Minister for Energy Resources Francis Fannon.

At the Christodoulides-Pompeo meeting, the two men jointly recognized and welcomed the substantial upgrading of the bilateral relations of the two countries and welcomed the signing of a Statement of Intent, which institutionalized the promotion of bilateral co-operation in the field of security .

The two ministers also discussed issues of security and cooperation in the wider region of the eastern Mediterranean, the substantial contribution of the Republic of Cyprus to the development of regional cooperation in the region, and exchanged views on regional and international issues of common interest.

The Cypriot Foreign Ministry's announcement that the US Secretary of State reaffirmed at the meeting underscore the consistent position of the United States in favor of the right of the Republic of Cyprus to exercise sovereign rights within its Exclusive Economic Zone and reiterated Washington's support for Cypriot efforts to reunifying Cyprus on the basis of a bizonal, bicommunal federation, for the benefit of all Cypriots.

In statements, after the meeting, Mr. Christodoulides said that in the discussions three were the main issues that dominated:

* Firstly, the clear desire of both sides to strengthen relations at all levels, and in particular on issues in the wider field of security.

* The second issue that dominated discussions is the regional developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, a region of particular importance, and the role that the Republic of Cyprus plays in promoting security and stability. "The US recognizes the role of our country, the important work produced through trilateral partnerships, especially in the fields of energy and security, and in this direction we hope soon to have American participation," said the Cypriot Foreign Minister

* The third issue was of course the Cyprus problem. Washington fully supports the Secretary-General's attempt to resume talks that will create real positive outlook prospects. "We have exchanged views, in particular on the chapter on Security and Safeguards, and on the need for the Cypus issue solution to be further strengthened by the role of the Republic of Cyprus as a provider of security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean," said Christodoulides .

The Cypriot Minister expressed his utmost satisfaction with the signing of the very substantive, as he described it, "Declaration of Intent" that touches on security issues in general. He also noted that the Cyprus-US cooperation "is at the base of a positive agenda, a positive approach and does not turn against any state". Finally, he added that one of the common approaches is the desire to broaden cooperation with countries that share the same values ​​as the Cyprus-US vision in the region.