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Italian Regional Institute: Albanians are 40% of FYROM population

A report by the Italian Regional Institute in collaboration with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), notes the distribution of the population in FYROM ('R. Maqedonisë Veriore' as it calls it) and summarizes it in a table showing the percentage per cent of the population of the country with its national distinction.

According to the Balkan Periscope website, which publishes the Italian study, the Albanian population is not 20-25%, as FYROM Slavs claim, but makes up as much as 40% of the population.

"Although North Macedonia is expected to take a census of the population and to record the percentage of Albanians in the state, the census will be undertaken with a law passed in parliament, and this law provides for the population to be registered only by the language they speak," the article notes.

The Italian report clearly shows that Albanians are much more than what the Skopje people claim - 25% of the population, the article notes.