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Syrian refugees fleeing Egypt

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Tension rises in Cairo amongst the locals and Syrian refugees.  

Over 300,000 have fled to Egypt since the rise of the two and a half year civil war in Syria, the once welcomed refugees are now facing public anger from the former Islamist allies who have identified the Syrians as allies of Mr.Morsi who supported the Syrian's seeking refuge in Egypt, he was recently ousted because of his rebellion against President Bashar al-Assad and as a result the Syrians along with other foreigners are now victims after the military unleashed xenophobia to the press and people after it took power and warned of external plots to destabilize Egypt making the Syrians scapegoats.

Media reports state that a former Member of Parliament called for Syrians and other foreigners to be executed. Refugee advocates say that most Syrians have chosen to spend less time in public or chose to leave Egypt for Lebanon, Turkey or Jordan, as others take their chances with smugglers and flee by boat to Italy. Hundreds of Syrians have been arrested and deported.

As a result, thousands of refugees have been closing their files with the United Nations, including approximately 820 refugees in August, indicating they intend to leave after already being settled in Egypt and after having been registered with the United Nations in an effort to legalize their status.