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Is the coronavirus a product of Chinese biological weapons research

Featured Is the coronavirus a product of Chinese biological weapons research

Israeli biological war expert Dany Shoham of Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies believes that the coronaVIRUS worldwide is linked to secret Chinese biological weapons experiments at the Ohan Institute of Virology.

Although his point of view is heavily debated, there is evidence to support it. "Certain laboratories of the Institute have probably been involved in the research and development of Chinese biological weapons," said Dany Shoham, who is a retired lieutenant colonel and chief analyst at the Israeli military chemical and biological warfare service.

In addition to Shoham, the US State Department also sees a significant likelihood that the coronavirus may be a product of biological weapons research. Of course China denies everything.

In 2019, the State Department, in its report, emphasized that "information shows that China has undertaken biological warfare activities." The Americans believed, then, that China, contrary to what it publicly proclaimed, did not cease its biological weapons development program as required by the BWC Treaty, expressing concerns about toxicological investigations in Chinese military medical laboratories. So far, the new coronavirus has killed 54 people and caused worldwide concern.