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Qatargate: Kaili, Panzeri, Tarampela to face pre-trial council today

Featured Qatargate: Kaili, Panzeri, Tarampela to face pre-trial council today

This morning, the hearing of Eva Kaili, Mark Tarabella and Antonio Panzeri is scheduled to take place on the Qatargate case which has "rocked" the European Parliament.

It is the third time that Eva Kaili will appear before the pre-trial council, which will decide whether she will be released on parole or remain in custody.

It is noted that this time, the politician will be represented by a new lawyer, criminologist Sven Marie, the lawyer who had represented the Bataclan executioner, in place Andre Rizopoulos, while tomorrow, as in previous times, the other will be in Brussels advocate of Michalis Dimitrakopoulos.

Why she changed lawyers

Initially, it was known that the Greek MEP decided to change her lawyer after the alleged mastermind of the Qatargate corruption scandal, Antonio Panzeri, started cooperating with the authorities and giving names.

Andre Rizopoulos allegedly suggested that she follow the same attitude, that is to accept her guilt and negotiate with the Authorities, which Eva Kaili did not accept, insisting on her innocence.

However, the reason behind the decision is different and is related to the statements of Antonio Panzeri and the arrest of MEPs Tarabella and Coccolino, and the fact that the number of people involved in the case is increasing, including Eva Kaili and Francesco Giorgi, there are five accused persons in the Qatargate case.

Thus, the reason that pushed Eva Kaili to this particular decision is that if the involvement of all these persons in the corruption ring is proven, then the charge will be strengthened and will now concern the establishment of a criminal organization.

Tarabella – Panzeri in a difficult position

As for the Belgian MEP Marc Tarabella, he was arrested last Friday, February 10, a few days after his immunity was lifted and he was taken to the Saint-Gilles prison.

"Everything is violent for Mr. Tarabella," points out his lawyer Maxime Toler speaking to rtl. "First, to learn that one of the people close to him is corrupt and that he admits it. Second, to learn that this person close to him is accuses him and pulls him down when apparently my client claims he is innocent," he adds.

However, the Italian former MEP Antonio Panzeri, who was arrested on December 9 and is said to be the mastermind of a group related to the corruption case in the European Parliament, will also be in front of the judicial authorities. On January 17, it was announced by the Brussels prosecutor's office that Antonio Panzeri signed a memorandum of remorse and cooperation with the Belgian authorities.