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The designs of the new Deputy Shipping Minister for Cypriot shipping

Featured The designs of the new Deputy Shipping Minister for Cypriot shipping

The further strengthening of the Cypriot registry by simplifying the registration procedures in it, with the creation of a register of registration of shipping companies in an attractive tax framework are the main axes of the shipping policy of the new government of Nikos Christodoulides.

As the new Deputy Minister of Shipping, Marina Hatzimanoli, pointed out, speaking this morning in Limassol, at the Capital Link organized by Nikos Bornozis, the goal is to create a one stop shipping center framework, by simplifying procedures, with less bureaucracy through digitization.

"We want to strengthen the voice of Cypriot shipping internationally and allow the Cypriot flag to grow. Let Cyprus have a strong voice and role in decision-making."

He also made special reference to the attractive economic environment for shipping companies:

"We have seen the number of shipping companies from 95 have increased to 320" due to the tax regime" - the tax framework in force" and he added:

"The government's policy is clearly in the direction of promoting Cypriot shipping."

Speaking to the site newmoney.gr he said: "The president, Nikos Christodoulides, places great emphasis on the continuous development of Cypriot shipping. The government wants to continue to strengthen Cypriot shipping which has been developing in recent years" and continued:

"Our main priority is to provide top quality government services in shipping. Cyprus has taken important steps for the development of its shipping, having created an efficient and flexible framework. The Cypriot registry is attractive and we will move in this direction to make it even more competitive."