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Erdoğan flies off the bat: "Israel surpassed Hitler, it is a state of terrorists"

Featured Erdoğan flies off the bat: "Israel surpassed Hitler, it is a state of terrorists"

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan launched a harsh attack against Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu once again.

The Turkish president again refused to call Hamas a "terrorist organization" and replied that "Israel is a state of terrorists."

He commented to the Parliamentary Group of his party that Israel "surpassed even Hitler" in "murders of children" in Gaza.

 After first paralleling the action of Hamas "with that of Kemal's Turkish nationalists during the Asia Minor War", he told his party's deputies: "Even if I am left alone, I will continue to defend the Palestinian struggle and be its voice oppressed Palestinian people as long as God gives me life. Let the whole world hear it. While no one in the world could speak, we came out and said that Hamas is not a terrorist organization, but a resistance group. From the platform of the United Nations, we have shown with maps how Israel has taken step by step the lands of Palestine in the last 70 years.

In the most difficult moments of our innocent Palestinian brothers, we mobilized all the means at our disposal in all sectors. Here, I say very clearly and openly that Hamas is exactly the same as the "National Forces" in Turkey during the "national struggle". Of course, we know there is a price for what we say. The whole world must know that we will not succumb to your assassination attempts, coup attempts, economic attacks and manipulations."

Erdogan: "Israel is a terrorist state"
Afterwards, the Turkish president commented that the Israelis are "terrorists and committing genocide".

“The terrorist state of Israel has been committing an inhumane genocide in both Gaza and the West Bank since October 7. With the unconditional support it receives from the West, Israel recklessly carries out a massacre that has already been written in the history of humanity as a shame," he said characteristically and added:

“They killed 14,000 children, they have already surpassed Hitler. We will defend the independence of Palestine under all circumstances, despite those who do not see the death of 14,000 innocent children and try to curry favor with Israel by saying that Hamas is a terrorist organization."

Erdogan also responded to opposition criticism for the fact that the country still had commercial relations with Israel.

“Some of our movements may not be visible. We may not be able to explain some of our actions. However, those who question our sensitivity about Palestine will sooner or later find themselves in a difficult position and will be ashamed and understand what an injustice they have done in the eyes of History," he commented.