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Piraeus: Greek arrested for possession of 210 kg of cocaine

Featured Piraeus: Greek arrested for possession of 210 kg of cocaine

The past of "Pablo", the Greek involved in the cartel case with the 210 kg of cocaine found in a container of shrimps, in Piraeus is like something out of Hollywood.

As stated in the Hellenic Police announcement, the 64-year-old, who was known to the American authorities as "Pablo", was arrested in 2012 by the Costa Rican authorities, as a US extradition request was pending against him.

"Pablo" was involved in a case of arms transfer from Europe, aimed at supporting a foreign terrorist organization, in exchange for 50 kg of cocaine. According to this information, he served a prison sentence in the US for the case.

"Pablo" sold weapons to terrorists in exchange for cocaine and money

According to the information of the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), "Pablo" had previously been convicted of arms trafficking and supporting a terrorist organization.

He was arrested in Panama in 2012 for attempting to support the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) terrorist organization, as "Pablo" had attempted to equip the organization with military weapons, including assault rifles, rocket launchers ("RPGs") ) and surface-to-air missiles, in exchange for cocaine and cash.

He had fallen into the hands of the US authorities when he tried to sell weapons to a person who posed as an associate of the terrorist organization, but was, in fact, a DEA agent.

During these meetings, which took place in Europe and Central America, the agent informed "Pablo" that he was looking for weapons for use by the FARC to attack US forces in Colombia.

"Pablo" and the DEA official also discussed the use of these weapons by terrorists against the Colombian and US governments, even to shoot down US aircraft in Colombia.

Over the next few months, "Pablo" indicated that he would provide the US agent with several sample RPG launchers. On July 18, 2012 he successfully arranged the delivery to Europe of RPGs, which were picked up by an undercover DEA agent.

"Pablo" pleaded guilty to the charge of attempting to provide material support to the FARC.

The containers with cocaine in Piraeus

During the police operation on Wednesday morning, the 48-year-old Albanian, leader of the ring, was arrested, in whose possession, for the purpose of further trafficking, were 180 improvised nylon packages with cocaine, with a total gross weight of 210 kg and 300 grams.

According to information, the packages, which had a skull logo, were found inside a container of frozen shrimp.

The containers with the drugs are said to have started their journey from a Latin American country, while the destination of the cargo appears to have been neighboring Albania, from where it would be channeled to Europe.

The Police made four arrests. The leader is said to be an Albanian, who was also involved in a case in 2017, who was arrested in Piraeus, on Agios Dimitriou Street.