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NY Police Officer Arrested in New Delhi

New York City police officer Manny Encarnacion was arrested in New Delhi, police authorities stated today.

He was detained in India on weapons charges, after he was found with three bullets in his airport luggage. Encarnacion has been banned from leaving the nation until his case has been concluded.

The New York police officer was visiting India to see his wife. The NYPD is collaborating with the State Department to have the charges dropped. In today's document, Representative Peter King called on Secretary of State John Kerry to examine the issue. King coined the arrest, "an excessive act by the Indian government...I have absolutely no doubt that this is blatant retaliation", concerning last year's strip-search and arrest of India's Consular Official for alleged visa fraud in New York.

King believes if the country has a problem with the United States, it shouldn't be directed at a New York police officer who was vacationing in India. Encarnacion practiced at the department firing range prior to his India voyage and forgot the bullets were in his jacket pocket. It is being viewed by America as an honest oversight. If found guilty, the New York police officer faces up to seven years behind bars for violating India's Arms Act of 1959.

Manny Encarnacion is currently out on bail before his next Indian court date, scheduled for April 17th. Peter King further added,"India cannot be allowed to get away with this...This is only gonna make relations worse between our two countries and India I don't think wants to be in that position".