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Natural Disasters Grip Mexico

At least 160 people have been killed, or are missing in Mexico after a week-long struggle with natural disasters. Hurricane Manuel reached the northwestern state of Sinaloa on Thursday, adding to the havoc. The country's president, Enrique Peña Nieto, announced that he is canceling his trip to New York to participate in the UN general assembly.

Rescue crews searching for survivors in the village of La Pindada in southern Mexico had to stop working for a few hours for fear that further mudslides would engulf them as well. The village has been mostly buried under immense amounts of mud after a landslide.

The national coordinator for the civil protection agency, Louis Felipe Puente announced that 97 people have already died on the country's east and west coasts.

The two storms that struck the country, affected 200,000 people and displaced at least 50,000 from their homes.