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UNSG Urges Cypriot Leaders to Enhance Solution Efforts

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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has urged Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu, to maintain their discussions and enhance efforts towards a comprehensive solution under their Joint Declaration.

The UNSG stated in his UNFICYP report yesterday, "I welcome the Joint Declaration as a clear statement by both leaders of shared principles and an invaluable basis for renewed talks, and am heartened by their stated determination to resume structured negotiations in a results oriented manner, under UN auspices".

Ban Ki-moon further commented, "I strongly encourage both leaders to sustain the current momentum, build on existing agreements and the gains achieved thus far, and intensify efforts towards reaching a comprehensive settlement based on the joint declaration".

The UNSG added that, "...the sides should refrain from negative rhetoric about the process and each other, should preserve the confidentiality of the process and work to build support for a settlement deal. I welcome the innovative step taken by the sides to engage in cross-visits of the negotiators to Turkey and Greece...I hope that these efforts will be sustained in the months to come. I encourage the sides to explore further mutually acceptable confidence building measures that can contribute to a conducive environment for a settlement".

Ki-Moon commented on the island's abundance of natural resources: "...it is important to ensure that any new found wealth will benefit both communities. I remain of the view that such developments constitute a strong incentive for all parties to find a durable solution to the Cyprus problem and should engender deeper cooperation for the benefit of all stakeholders in the region".

(Source: http://www.parikiaki.com/2014/07/unsg-encourages-leaders-in-cyprus-to-intensify-efforts-for-a-settlement/)