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Greece Evacuates Tripoli Embassy

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Today, Greek government officials stated that Greece will evacuate its Embassy in Tripoli, and plans to send three vessels to Libya to transport its workers, along with European and Chinese nationals.

The Greek flagged Salamis is scheduled to reach Libya tonight and can hold up to 100 passengers, according to a Defense Ministry delegate. The navy ship Prometheus and a passenger ferry will assist evacuation efforts for employees from Cyprus and Britain, in addition to other nations.

The last two weeks of violence plaguing Libya have been the most horrendous since its Civil War in 2011. The fighting has resulted in the United Sates and the United Nations extracting their diplomatic workers out of the region.

Western countries are now starting to do the same; the French Embassy closed yesterday. In 2011, Greek boats transferred over 10,000 individuals from Libya during escalating conflicts.

(Source: afreuters.com)