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Concordia Salvage

One of the largest shipwreck salvage operations is under way in an effort to raise the hulk of the cruiseship Concordia that sank in January 2012

As announced by Italy's Civil Protection Agency the weather is opportune for the undertaking, while many media note that never before has it been attempted to move so large a ship from so close to shore.

Specialized rigging crews are placing massive chains and steel cables on the ship in order to tip it's more than 114,000 tons onto its keel.
The Concordia sank near the coast of the Italian island of Gilio on the Tuscany coast. The ship hit a, outcropping and half-sunk on its side resulting in the loss of life for 32 of the 4,229 passengers.

The ship's captain Fransesco Schettino has been charged by Italian justice with negligent manslaughter. The trial is still under way.

The operation is expected to take 10-12 hours.

Barosso Lauds Putin on Syria

President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso has expressed his satisfaction that Russian president Vladimir Putin is using his country's influence in order to find a solution for Syria.

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