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Finance Ministry Releases Problematic Tax System Statement

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The Greek Finance Ministry has yet to find a solution concerning the suspension of property tax clearance certificates.

The dilemma began after discrepancies over the newly introduced single property ownership tax and its calculated errors from inaccurate information. The initial payment date has been postponed until September's end, which results in a gridlock of not being able to grant the tax clearance certificates, until payments are made and false accounts become valid. An added obstacle is that income tax rebates can't be distributed until ENFIA payments are submitted.

The Financial Ministry issued a statement today over the problematic situation, as reported by Kathimerini. The Ministry stated:

"Tax clearance certificates, valid for two months, can be obtained online in cases where no taxes are owed. In other cases, certificates valid for one month are issued by any public tax office and may also be obtained from the ministry's Taxpayers' Service Bureau (GEF). As of September, certificates valid for one month will also be issued online for most cases. As regards the clearance of rebates against ENFIA installments, there will be a decision settling the issue within the next few days".