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Beekeepers protest outside parliament

Featured Beekeepers protest outside parliament

Beekeepers arrived at the Syntagma early in the morning and will hold a protest meeting claiming their demands and presenting their problems.

Wearing their work uniforms and having lit their smokehouses, the beekeepers gathered in Syntagma Square. The president of the beekeepers of Messinia, Arcadia, Laconia, Giorgos Sentementes, spoke to ANT1, stressing that the biggest problem of beekeeping in our country is Greekization and imported honeys that are sold as Greek.

"We want a separation of imported honey and Greek honey. In other words, we want the Greek mark to be awarded and in this way to be able to control the honeys", he declared. He also mentioned that one of their requests will be to support the increased production costs.

As he noted, they will address the relevant ministries today.

Earlier there was minor tension with the police in order to open the roads for the beekeepers to reach Syntagma.

According to the Police, more than 500 people have gathered and the traffic on Amalias Street is interrupted at intervals.