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Dendias:No quarters for habitual debtors

"Habitual slackers shouls not expect indulgence from the settlement of loans in the red," said today the Minister of Development Nikos Dendias after his meeting with the President of the union of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kostantinos Mihalos.


The Minister in reply to a reporter's question about the time of presentation of the final text of the regulation stated that the Government will present it before the Thessaloniki International Fair but it is still awaiting approval from the troika.

He noted that the settlement is not related to the stress tests of the European Central Bank because the project as stated will not affect the capital adequacy of banks. In addition to the Ministry of Development, the text will be discussed with the banks, the ECB and the troika.

The issue of credit and liquidity problems faced by enterprises, was the object of the meeting between the Minister and Mr Michalos. The two men also discussed the impact on the Greek economy of the embargo imposed by Russia, fiscal and the operation of the merchants registry.

As regards taxation, the minister said: "there was a discussion of how taxation can be a development tool, not a tax collection mechanism. The objective is a clear fiscal framework that works for business builders. "

On his part, Mr. Michalos reiterated the proposal of business to reduce the tax rate to 15%. He asked that the implementation of the new tax base be done sooner than the current six-year plan.