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EC Embargo Assistance Excludes Greek Nectarines & Peaches

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The European Commission authorized 125 million euros to assist fruits and vegetables that are liable to spoilage, concerning Russia's EU food and agricultural embargo.

However, assistance measures do not apply to nectarines or peaches originating from Greece, Italy, Portugal or Spain. The assistance measures include carrots, peppers, cucumbers, apples, red fruits, pears, tomatoes, white cabbage, mushrooms, gherkins, cauliflower, kiwis and grapes.

Greek peach exports to Russia make up about 50% of Hellenic exports. The European Commission confirmed that the nectarine and peach exclusion will be discussed this Friday in Brussels.

EU Agriculture and Rural Development Commissioner Dacian Ciolos prompted CAP emergency efforts and stated, "All farmers of the concerned products - whether in producer organisations or not - will be eligible to take up these market support measures where they see fit. Acting early will provide an efficient support to the price paid to producers on the internal market, help the market adjust and be cost effective".