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Finance Ministry Announces Primary Budget Surplus

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The Greek Finance Ministry confirmed its primary budget surplus between January to July, at 2.279 billion euros.

Last year's primary budget surplus was 2.555 billion euros in the same timeframe, while a primary surplus budget goal was set at 800 million euros. The Finance Ministry reported that the general government deficit dropped to 1.736 billion euros in the time period, from last year's 1.929 billion euro deficit and held a deficit budget goal of 3.360 billion euros.

29.530 billion euros was determined as the total net budget revenue in the seven month timeframe, which was a 2.3% increase from its target. Net regular budget gains amounted to 26.240 billion euros, which marked a 1.7% stride when compared to its set target goal. Tax revenues were determined at 24.485 billion euros, a 1.4% increase from its goal.