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Dendias discusses nonperforming & home loans

The government's primary target is to present a comprehensive settlement framework for "red" business loans, Development and Competitiveness Minister Nikos Dendias said in an interview with Eleftheros Typos on Sunday.

"The plan for non performing business loans is part of a broader framework for the restructuring of private debt. We seek a comprehensive solution to the debt problem so that sustainable businesses, not only the large ones but also the small ones, will be able to overcome their problems," Dendias noted.

Asked about home loans, Dendias stressed that special measures would be taken soa the citizens will not lose their property. Furthermore, he stated, "a massive wave of home foreclosures does not benefit the banks, as it would lead to further large reductions in the real estate market."

The Minister underlined that the main concern in the post-memorandum era must be the reduction of taxes on businesses and individuals.

Regarding the Real Estate Ownership Uniform Taxation (ENFIA), Dendias expressed his hope that the forthcoming improvements would limit the citizens' discontent, adding that real estate over-taxation harms the economy more than boosts economic activity.