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2.5 million delinquent taxpayers

Greek taxpayers owing back taxes have come to 2.45 million in the last twenty months, with total money in arrears comes to 15 billion euros.

More specifically, through data of the general secretariat for public revenue, taxpayers that owed tax to the state from 1 January 2013 to 31 August 2014, came to 2,451,909 as against 2.42 million in July a rise of 30,000 month on month.

The total sum owed by taxpayers came to 15.88 billion in August, up from 15.22 billion euros in July, rising by around 600 million in a single month.

According to the same data 175,884 taxpayers have placed themselves on a regulatory list for debts incurred after 1/1/2013 giving them the ability to pay in twelve monthly installments, while a further 121,232 taxpayers have been placed on the “last chance list” for debts prior to the end of 2012 that can be paid in 48 installments.